Corporate ethics & CSR policy (RSE)

Sabena technics has been guided in its growth by a set of values that are embraced by its executives and employees to promote responsible development.

CSR policy

Sabena technics is actively committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. The Group has formalised various policies to give these initiatives a solid, long-term foundation.

To promote a common ethical standard across the company, this document has been distributed to all our employees. It also provides them with a reference framework based on five fundamental principles:

  • Respect for human rights & compliance with labour laws
  • Protection of human health & safety
  • Ethics & integrity in the conduct
  • Fight against corruption
  • Protection of the environment

Download and discover our CSR policy

Gender Equality

Sabena technics has always adopted a proactive policy to promoting gender diversity and professional equality between men and women. 

In France, the law on the freedom to choose one’s professional future introduces new measures for professional equality between women and men. In particular, it imposes an obligation of results on companies by measuring an index that measures equal pay.

This professional equality index composed of 4 to 5 indicators, depending on whether the company has less than or more than 250 employees, gives a score out of 100. This index must be published annually.

Index of professional equality between women and men for the year 2022:



For several years now, Sabena technics has been committed to integrating environmental issues at the heart of its activities, notably through the ISO14001 certification of the majority of our sites.

Facing growing challenges, we decided to raise our ambition and strengthen our actions around 3 pillars:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our maintenance operations by 42%, between 2021 and 2030. This ambition is in line with the Paris Agreement adopted at COP21, which aims to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels
  • Favouring those of our suppliers who have committed themselves in a transparent way to their environmental actions
  • Recovery of more than 50% of our waste through recycling, energy conversion or reusing