Entrepreneurial spirit

The entrepreneurial spirit is embedded within our DNA and has manifested itself throughout our history. From the outset, it has facilitated our ability to adapt to the numerous changes in our environment.

Navigate through our timeline and re-live our history!

The Sagard, Bpifrance et TowerBrook funds officially acquire majority of Sabena technics’ capital

TAT Group sold its majority interest in its subsidiary Sabena technics, one of the European leaders in the field of aircraft maintenance and modification, to the funds Sagard, Bpifrance and TowerBrook.

This shareholder evolution is an important step for Sabena technics’ development by reinforcing its growth opportunities while accompanying it in the successful implementation of its strategic plan. This development will also give the Group significant resources to expand its offer through external growth, with the constant goal of better serving its customers using skills or locations that complement its own.


Sabena technics acquires NEW EAS company, which becomes Sabena technics PGF

With a unique site based in Perpignan-Rivesaltes, Sabena technics PGF is specialized in civil airframe activities and employs 165 people.


Sabena technics starts the construction of an additional 10 000 sqm hangar in Bordeaux.

Anticipating the increase of long range wide-body aircraft in Europe and the need to get more capacity to support its civil & military customers, Sabena technics decided to invest in a new hangar in its facility at Bordeaux-Mérignac airport (France).
This 10 000 sqm hangar will thus be able to accommodate, in maintenance or modifications activities, a long-range wide-body aircraft up to A350-1000/B777-9X or up to three military transport aircrafts such as A400M simultaneously.


Sabena technics announces the opening of a 4th paintshop in Toulouse

Only six months after the opening announcement of their third paint shop, Sabena technics has been selected by Airbus for the construction and operation of a fourth painting facility dedicated to Airbus wide body aircraft in Toulouse Blagnac airport.
This new facility reinforces Sabena technics’ footprint in Toulouse and comes in addition to the two facilities in operation since 2015 as well as a third one operational since 2018.


Sabena technics launches Manaero

Manaero is a temp agency exclusively dedicated to MRO jobs and created by Sabena technics.

More information: www.manaero.fr


Sabena technics creates Singapore Component Solutions (SCS)

Singapore Component Solutions, a joint venture between Sabena technics and Air France Industries KLM E&M, supports its mother companies on their PBH contracts and it will also offer Time & Material component repair services on A320 and ATR fleets to third party regional customers.


Sabena technics announces the opening of a third paintshop in Toulouse

In June 2013, Sabena technics has been selected by Airbus for the construction and operation of a two painting facilities based in Toulouse and dedicated to their Airbus A320 aircraft. Today, the French company will be expanding its painting capabilities by opening a third facility.
The brand new 3000 m² paintshop will be built right next to the two existing ones on the Toulouse Blagnac airport. It will be equipped with state-of-the-art technologies allowing for PART 21 qualification from aircraft manufacturers such as ATR or Airbus. Solutions will not only include painting, but also in-service aircraft repainting. In this new facility, Sabena technics will be able to accommodate and paint up to widebodies such as Airbus and Boeing single aisle aircraft.


Sabena technics launches iGO Solutions

Along with Air France and Dubreuil Group, Sabena technics launched iGO Solutions, a joint-venture dedicated to line & light maintenance operations. Based at Paris Orly airport, the company will provide support for Airbus A350 and A330 as well as Boeing 737 aircraft.


Sabena technics opens a component repair shop in Singapore

One year after the opening of its ATR component warehouse, Sabena technics continues its expansion in Asia with a brand new component repair shop in Seletar Aerospace Park. The 2600 sqm² facility is focused on technologies such as avionics, hydraulics, fuel, electro-mechanics, cabin equipment, oxygen, pneumatics and aircraft structure component maintenance for several aircraft types.


Sabena technics acquires Blue Green Technology and its innovative Vigiplane

Formerly owned by Blue Green Technology, Vigiplane has been acquired by Sabena technics, which becomes the world’s exclusive provider of the device. Using the latest technologies, the Vigiplane guarantees 24/7 monitoring of the aircraft on ground and protects it from a variety of risks.


Sabena technics opens new paintshop in Toulouse

In June 2013, Sabena technics has been selected by Airbus for the construction and operation of a painting facility dedicated to their Airbus A320 aircraft. After less than a year of work, Sabena technics, celebrated in January 2015 the grand opening of the brand new facilities based on Toulouse Blagnac airport. With the support of its current painting subsidiaries, based in Dinard and Bordeaux, Sabena technics painting TLS is able to accommodate and paint over 80 Airbus A320 aircraft per year within the 15-year contract signed with Airbus.


Sabena technics becomes a BBJ completion center

Boeing selected Sabena technics for the design and VIP cabin integration on a brand new Boeing Business Jet 737-700, allowing the French company to officially become a “BBJ Completion center”.


Sabena technics Brussels is no longer part the Group

In May 2014, Sabena technics Belgian branch has been bought out by a local company and renamed Sabena Aerospace by its new shareholder. The Belgian company evolves now independently under the steering of its new management and is no longer part of Sabena technics Group.

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Sabena technics creates X-air services

Launched in November 2009, the Belgian certified PART 145 joint venture, X-air services, offers line, light, base maintenance services & technical support from its facilities located at Liège & Brussels Airports.


Sogerma services becomes Sabena technics

The Bordeaux site adopts the single brand Sabena technics, token of high-quality service and expertise, a high level of recognition on the international markets.
From its growth, the Sabena technics Group leverages the substantial experience of former operators – the French airlines TAT, AOM and the former Belgian national airline Sabena – which have contributed to its history and its development. The company therefore possesses the required expertise to meet the demands for flexibility, reactivity and profitability, expected by airlines today. Furthermore, its independence enables it to offer its customers customized solutions which fulfill their expectations to the greatest extent possible.


Sabena technics acquires the EADS Sogerma sites in Mérignac and in Tunisia

Sogerma services (1924), originally the MRO services provider at EADS Sogerma and based in Bordeaux, brings to the group a new structure capable of providing further support to both civil and military customers as well as an important design office and an entity dedicated to the training and certification of technicians working on all types of Airbus.


Sabena technics becomes the sole MRO brand of TAT Group

In June 2006, Sabena technics, a high-ranking brand recognized internationally, becomes the group’s sole brand.


TAT Industries acquires Sabena technics Brussels

Sabena Technics, the maintenance department of the former Belgian national airline, based in Brussels and specialized in the maintenance of narrow and widebody aircraft, gives TAT Industries the opportunity to extend its offer, to develop its manufacturing base and to secure a strategic opening into central and Northern Europe markets.


TAT Industries acquires AOM Industries

The acquisition of the maintenance and engineering company AOM Industries, based in Nîmes and originally the maintenance department of the AOM airline, allows TAT Industries to develop its activities in airframe maintenance as well as its presence in the military sector.

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Founding of TAT Group

TAT finally let go of its airline company in 1996 to focus on industrial activities: aircraft maintenance (TAT Industries) and leasing of aircraft (TAT leasing) provided to third-party airlines. As well as its two major activities in the aviation industry, TAT Group also developed a real estate activity.

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